Turkey Amateur Radio Club President Aziz Sasa,TA1E, reports that three Amateur Radio operators joined the Turkish Relief Team that departed for the incident location–the city of Bam, some 600 miles south of Tehran–from Istanbul December 27 aboard a military aircraft.

Local communications will be carried out on 2-meter simplex with HF operation
on 14.270 MHz during the day and on 7092 kHz or 3777 kHz during hours of darkness.

Soyhan Erim, TA2IJ, will handle HF operations at the Turkish Incident Command Post. He is part of the Ministry of Health team.

Erdinc Sarimusaoglu, TA2RJ, is part of the AKUT Search and Rescue Team, while Mustafa Yuceturk, TA1CAN, is a member of the Istanbul Civil Defence Search-and-Rescue team. Also on site is Serdar Demirel, TA2NO, a member of the Ankara Civil Defence SAR team, who arrived earlier.

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